• Prof Kookheon Char

    • Dean of Engineering
    • Full Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering
    • Seoul National University

    The College of Engineering at Seoul National University has long valued and supported diversity amongst its faculty and students, and we are very proud to co-host the first “Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop” in Asia. We sincerely hope that it will guide and encourage its participants on their career paths to become our future women academic leaders.

  • Prof Wen-Chang Chen

    • Dean of Engineering
    • Professor of Chemical Engineering
    • National Taiwan University

    As a college of engineering which boasts a relatively-high percentage of women students, we value this chance to co-host the innovative program, the first Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop in Asia, very much. We aim to devoting ourselves into finding more opportunities for female academics through this event.

  • Prof Tim Kwang-Ting Cheng

    • Dean of Engineering
    • Chair Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering
    • Chair Professor of Computer Science & Engineering
    • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    We are proud to host the first Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop in Asia in collaboration with other members of the Asian Deans’ Forum. We look forward to meeting our future women academic leaders in Engineering disciplines, and providing guidance to high-caliber rising stars in exploring and advancing their careers in academia.

  • Prof Kee-Chaing Chua

    • Dean of Engineering
    • Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
    • National University of Singapore

    We are pleased to co-host the inaugural Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop in Asia. Through this event, we endeavour to provide opportunities in mentoring, networking and collaboration to talented young women engineers who aspire to successful and satisfying careers in academia.

  • Prof Mark Hoffman

    • Dean of Engineering
    • UNSW Sydney

    As Dean of the largest Engineering Faculty in Australia, I am very pleased that UNSW Sydney is a co-sponsor of this workshop. We seek to ensure the Engineering profession is formed from people who reflect the society we seek to serve. Building a community within our up-and-coming talented women engineers is very important and this workshop is an excellent way to train and showcase talented women engineers in our region.

  • Prof Tatsuya Okubo

    • Dean of Engineering
    • Professor of Chemical System Engineering
    • The University of Tokyo

    Enhancing the mobility of researchers and students among Asian universities is one of the main objectives of the Asian Deans’ Forum, inaugurated by UTokyo in May 2016. This year, HKUST is hosting the first Women in Engineering Workshop under this framework. Active participation of women will be increasingly significant in strengthening academia that will lead innovation in the Asian region. We are proud to support these efforts.